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The Pursuit of the ‘I’ cannot be disassociated from the ‘Us’.

Any person, independent or part of a collective (eg: a family) has stakeholders: a sentimental partner, children, friends, all requiring attention, time and also owners of an existence, values and a set of priorities.

Hence, in the pursuit of an aligned existence, the conversations of expectations are vital.

The candid exploration of ‘what I need’ and ‘what you need’ are the first step and the foundation for collaboration that will allow all to find their due place and inner peace.

It is not about compromise, as it implies a ‘lose-lose’ situation in which none of the parties obtain their objective. Rather, creative thinking, listening, love and above all, respect, will be the enablers of a new reality.

The ‘I’ cannot happen ‘despite’ the others, but rather ‘with’ the others, that for love, want, can and must support.

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