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The paradox of the high achiever… So, we have the job; we have the life; we are successful by anyone’s standards, except our own.

Our peers respect us, we are loved, yet we lack the one seal of approval that we crave so much: our own. For some reason, it just doesn’t feel enough.

We keep looking for the next step, the next challenge, the rush of conquering, of achieving. It feels good to meet the goals, but we think we can’t stop to enjoy our successes because we have to keep on reaching.

We lack the one seal of approval that we crave so much: our own

Being a high achiever is a quirky way to live a life. But you DO deserve to savor your successes a bit more, to value the goals you have met, and to better plan your next step. In alignment with your values, so that it feels RIGHT. In sum, learn the tools that you need to overcome this paradox of the high achiever. Dare to do it

Life engineering for high achievers. This is what we do.

Re:WIRED (09/2020)

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